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A Course in Miracles Teachings, All My Needs Are Provided

The following is an excerpt from a transcribed talk by David Hoffmeister, A Course in Miracles teacher, on the topic of not wanting something from the world and experiencing all of his needs being provided.

In the Bible, back in the Songs of David… a lot of people are familiar with the 23rd song.  It is a very famous song … “The Lord is my shepherd.  I shall not want…” and then it goes on in a very beautiful passage that my grandmother used to repeat over and over from memory.  I shall not want.  What does that really mean?  What I would say is that, ultimately, whenever you want anything from the world, the world will want something from you.  And this gets acted out.  When you want something that you do not believe you already have, then that is the belief in lack as it says in A Course in Miracles. When you have lack in your consciousness, then the world is just a reflective mechanism.  It will mirror that back.  It will act out the belief in lack, as if you better do this, you better do that.  You are at the mercy of forces in the world.  And the reason you seem at the mercy of the forces in the world is because of the belief in lack and the belief that you want something from the world.  And oh does the world bite you back.  It is kind of a biting sense in consciousness where something comes… one issue comes up and then another issue and this and that.

So what has been really wonderful for me is my journey with the Spirit has taken me into an awareness that everything that I seem to need is provided… you know, having to become into Divine Providence, into God-dependence, Spirit-dependence.  And the more radically I have done that, the more I have actually experienced that the world is not asking anything from me.  The world just drifts off in your awareness as you start to not want something from it, you know, it leaves you alone.  The world finally does leave you alone.  It is not biting back when you are not having these wants from the world.

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