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A Course in Miracles

If we take a closer look at the many contemporary spiritualities, we would find that most have some notion of bringing the truth into the world. A very popular phrase that illustrates this would be, “let’s make heaven on earth.” A Course in Miracles does not teach this. In fact, it’s a fundamental metaphysical error according to its non-dual teachings.
Our time for clarity is now—to learn the impossibility for Spirit to come into matter. We cannot mix two ideas that are completely incompatible with each other. God does not mix with the world, just like oil and water do not mix. Let’s try a thought experiment: Think about a particular form in your mind. Then, turn your attention to God or Spirit. The contrast is clear, form is concretized and the Spirit is abstract. These two ideas have no resonance with each other. One is a distortion of the light: fragmented, slow, darkened, reduced, limited, and no longer free to expand. The other is a Pure idea. Love would hold onto nothing.
A Course in Miracles is an uncompromising pathway to Awakening. As such, it offers answers to a world riddled with confusion, bringing release from a sense of separate identity to ultimate freedom.

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